I miss old time..

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Friends

It’s been a while I haven’t update anything here. Well, blogging is not my favourate thing coz I don’t know how to express my feeling into words..I just love to keep everything inside my heart without telling anyone. But, that’s not a good practise in our life. Don’t you know the power of words? Yes, now I believed it..that’s why always express your feelings to ones you care about for some day it may be too late, and you will never get to say what you wanted to say 😉

Okay guys, let’s move to another chapter..Well, I dunno what is the best word to use in this case..I really miss my girlfriends outside there..hye ya, do you miss me or not?? hmm, I guess maybe we all dah lama sangat x jumpa each other..yes, memang agak lama dah tak meet up..huhu..”saya rindu kamu semua!! “Oh, anyway I’m talking bout my ex-housemates a.k.a utpian, but I love to use girlfriends term to represent them..Jom saya kenalkan siapa girlfrens saya..*wink~

Anyway, this is old pic..taken on Feb 2006..Huhh, that was 2 years ago..well, I love this moment..hepi sangat2 at that time. kitorang gi BBQ kat teluk senangin, Lumut dengan housemate ujang (BF reena)..But so sad, this is da only pic of us together..but wait..rinie & atie are not there?? that means, belum complete lagi ni..Ermm never mind later I will show you. okey, now mari saya kenalkan my girlfrens. From left side, ayue, riena, ila, bush, me, akis & wan (not my housemate, but she’s friend of mine who pay a visit)..


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