Let finish the sentence survey

Posted: April 15, 2008 in Survey

My ex…Erkss, the 1st question failed oredi! Have fallen in love but never bercinta ok! So weird rite? 😛

Maybe I should..start ‘Soulmate Hunting’ before my age getting old and old! Hahahah! Bosan with da question “when r u going to marry?? ”

I love…but I couldn’t express my feeling..Arghh, my journey seems not going my way!

People would say that i’m…a great talker

I don’t understand…why men hard to understand women..

When i wake up in the morning…I will snooze my alarm and let my eyes close for another 5 minutes 😛

I lost…without you! Yeah, try me! I really mean it…huhu

Life is full of… ups and downs

My past is…past. Should I reveal everthing about my past?

I get annoyed when…people keep telling me the repeated story *sigh

Parties are…lots of fun but not my type

I wish…all my dreams come true someday! Yes, I do believe in God Almighty 🙂

Dogs…are scary animal with sharp teeth and it’s tounge completely extended with mouth open wide, fully exposing the airway to the onrushing breeze. Eeeeee~

Cats…are lovely pet and Prophet Muhammad’s favorite 🙂

Tomorrow…is not promised to anyone and if it never comes, you’ll surely regret the day

I have low tolerance…if you are my enemy

If I had a million dollars…I will spend it to the fullest and spread it around a little to people who need it 🙂

I’m totally terrified…of lizard! Yucks..

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