Girls out to Superstar

Posted: April 17, 2008 in Personal

I woke up this morning quiet late than usual. It’s 7.45 o’clock..Woww, almost late! I wonder why my alarm is not ringing.. There’s no ‘picture of you’ song by The last good nite from my k800i SOny Ericson to wake me up today. Hurm, or maybe ‘tido mati’ kot..couldn’t hear anything..haha! what’s not too late tho! Most of my colleagues will arrived at office around 10. So, it’s not a big deal 😉

About half and hour, I’m ready to go for work. Yeahh..and as usual, fly fm music station will be my ‘teman setia’ while driving. I really enjoy listening anything on fly FM. Jules and Prem from Pagi show always make me laugh with some of ‘merapu’ topic. Suddenly, I got remembered about last nite our girls out. was so funny and we really enjoyed that nite. Guess what?? We went to Superstar for karoke. After few weeks not hanging out together, why not we go for ‘Hari untuk serakkan suara’ ! 😛

Around 6 o’clock, we out from the office and heading to Alamanda, Putrajaya. After makan-makan time and perform ‘solat Maghrib’, we move to Superstar room. Here are some pictures on our last nite event 😉

  1. mysa says:

    hahaha..sape yg nmpk mcm superstar tu???;)

  2. dexelia says:

    Hahah..kalo tengok dari gayenye, mai ngan nora lah yg macam superstar..cube tengok korang posing tuh..haaa, vogue da vas gitu~~ tapi yg penting gedix tu kena ade 😛

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