Hectic week is over :)

Posted: June 3, 2008 in Personal

Howyeahh..My hectic week is over now!! You can see a big smile on my face if you’re here at my side 😀 For the past 2 weeks, I was so busy with the Rational Robot Training. It’s all about AEMS automation tool’s project. For those who not familiar with this term (I guess non-motorolan) wouldn’t know at all..AEMS stands for Advance Element Management System and now this is the time for Motorola KL to apply the Robot’s skill to automate the test case work. Motorola in China is already implemented this automation and therefore they would like to share with us here since it more beneficial in term of time and resource. Basically the idea is to use the Rational Robot tool to run the application, execute test case and automatically generate the test report. Looks interesting yah, but who knows the scene behind that automation?? Hoho..TIDAK!! that must be me to handle all those thing since nobody else here..plus they all are busy with the feature work 😉 But never mind..I can expect that will be part of my job since my manager asked me to join the training..so, I’ve prepared early for it physically and mentally…Yeahh, must remember ok, something happened for a reason 😉

From: A20263
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 17:00
To: TVP864
Cc: A20961; A21606; A21699

Subject: AEMS Tools

Hi Y,

Audrey gave your name to support us for AEMS Tools and automation development. We have trainer from HZ, China to provide training next week. I would like you to attend the training next week and the following week. I understand you’re on leave next Tue and Wed, but please join the training on Thursday. Please find the agenda in the attached mail and make necessary arrangements with Annuar. Let me know if you have any concern.


When the first time I read above mail, I was so worry. I know it just the training (come & sit & listen) but somehow I was so afraid. You know, I just joined the testing team recently and I don’t know much about testing work environment specifically in Motorola workplace. Or to be honest, I know nothing! Hahha..(what a pity my manager hired me as test engineer 😛 ) Then my fear getting worse when I look at the training schedule. Oh man, only me and the trainer during the training?? I’m in trouble..thats mean I must pay a lot of attention and for sure they will ask me the question..Huhh, many things stucked in my head..Could I communicate well with them?? Heardly most of China people couldn’t speak well in english, I mean their pronounciation..their writing is good indeed. Help me God! Please give me the strength!! huhu..then time goes on and the training day is coming…

I entered meeting room with a hope & smile on my face..Annuar my senior is already there with his laptop and another two guys were sitting there..Then he introduced me to the trainer and conversation began…

” Hi Yanie, I’m Tipy and this is Jim..” One of the trainer starts the conversation.

” Hi, I’m yanie. Nice to meet you guys..” I replied and keep smiling..

That was the first time I met them. So funny when I keep thinking of our conversation. It was so difficult to understand them because there’s a little bit of Chinese accent in their pronunciation. I tried so hard to pay attention of each word that came out from their mouth but sometimes I do misunderstood them. hahha..and you know there’s few words that I still cannot recognize till now 😉

Ok. Enough about that one. Now proceed to the training agenda. During two weeks, my calendar was fulled with the Rational Robot training and meeting, from 10am to 6pm..No more free for 8 next hours shows on my Motorola Messenger. Huh, kinda bored and sleepy but I won’t deny that the training was so informative. The IBM rational Robot is really powerful tool. Jim taught me on how to write the robot script from the beginning step by step. This time is remind me about my previous student life where we go to class and lecturer give us some notes and exercise..How I miss all those gold days 😉 Hee~

I could say that I was enjoyed during two weeks with Tipy and Jim. Other than work, we also had personal chit chat, talking about our country, about China, relationship, foods and many more. Now I got new friends from China. Maybe it is useful if let say I’ll be going to China in future. I wanted to pay a visit to West Lake (TASIK yang menjadi lokasi percintaan ular putih jelmaan). I’ve read from newspaper recently, Hangzhou is known as “Bandar Syurga China” and Marco polo said that hangzhou is one of the most beautiful place in the world. And guess what..both of them said that I’m so kind and friendly..hahha..frenly la sangat but frankly speaking, that was usual comment I always got every time meet someone new..I don’t know why and some ppl said that I’m a great talker..hahah..whatever~~ 😛

The most important is, I feel so release now. I guess no more hectic week for me after this. I hope so 🙂

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