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Posted: June 19, 2008 in Personal
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I arrived my office at 8.45 this morning.  The first thing that I should do is to restart the SHC#2 on ground floor and enable VNC server so that I could access from my laptop on first floor. Yesterday, all the automation job running by rational robot were stopped due to LAN network failure impacting the whole Ground Floor. Only this morning the issue resolved. So, I have to rerun both script and make sure all working properly since the reports generated from the script are daily report.  I don’t know when the job is completed, what I do now is monitoring and waiting. I guess, that’s it for today! Hurm, I look people around me. Looks like everyone busy facing the monitor. I click on Gtalk icon. Most of my friends’ status are currently busy. Wahh..cannot disturb already..then I pikir-pikir, could I declare today as ‘World Busy Day’? 😛


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