My July to DO list

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Personal
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It’s been a while I’m not updating here.  Now, July is coming already..That’s mean I’ve spent half of 2008 in this  God’s greatest creation…OMG, you see how fast the time flies! How I’m going to spend another 6 months wisely so that my this year mission status completed? Argghh..I don’t know what to say but at least I should say something here..I hate when I started to write a post but it’s ended up I click cancel button as I always did 😛

Ok, let’s begin with july to do list then. Hmm, since our economic is not so good, I think it’s time for me to cut cost. Yeahhh!! Let’s do it guys!! So, i’ve decided for the things I should do and the things I shouldn’t do for this month 😉

Things I SHOULD do:

1. Drive car slowly in order to save fuel.  This is very useful tips. It’s a proven fact that fast driving will increase the drag (turbulence) and hence increases your fuel consumption. And not forgetting, turn off air condition if the weather is really cooling out there.

2. Reduce calories intake. Huhh, I’m getting fat now! Don’t know why my selera makan going up & up. I think I should control my eat habit. I must eat rice lesser & no more dinner after 7. Otherwise semua baju tak muat nak pakai! 😛 But this one a bit hard to do lor..huhu~

3. Body massage and facial treatment. Hye, this definitely must be included in every month to do list! Hahha..well, I love to pamper myself, make me feel good..and the most important is it helps me to release stress 😀

4. Being nice to everyone so that they loves me always! I think it is nice to be an adorable person. I don’t want to make people around sakit hati with me. Hmm, I just wondering am I good enough??

Things I SHOULDN’T do:

1. Shopping! Duhh, I hate to add this thing into my shouldn’t do list for this month 😛  Anyway, it doesn’t mean i cannot shopping at all, still can but only for necessary thing. Do not shopping till I drop!

2. Use credit card for any transaction. Haa, this one really important. I heard that there’s no more 20 days free fees starting 1st July. So, I need to zero back all my hutang with bank! Please do it Yanie! Try as possible as you can to pay everthing you buy with cash. Kalo tak, pokai nanti..heheh

3. Late sleep. haihhh, don’t know why lately my bed time change drastically. Previously, I’m going to sleep at 10pm but now at 1 or 2am. Huhh, Is it because i’ve addicted with korean drama at  Sayang nak tunggu tomorrow if tak habis lagi..hahah..well, i should consider this thing since it will effect my bed time 😛

4. Thinking of silly thing. I hate myself when I started to think about the silly thing. Hye, stop dreaming! He won’t miss you ok! But what to do, I miss him, not a bit but much and much..Oh God, I don’t have guts to not having this kind of feeling..huhu

Hmm, what else?? For the time being, I couldn’t think any other things. If got, perhaps I can add it more later. Now, I have 4 things I should do and 4 things I shouldn’t do. Heheh..looks like it balance right?? Finally make my wish..

“God, please bless me & help me to achieve this July to do list! 🙂 “


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