Hectic weekend

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Personal
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I’m so lazy to wake up this morning. My head a bit spinning and my body feels so weak..seems like it needs some more time to rest.

“Urghh, why today is Monday??? “I’m asking to myself…as usual, this is must ask question after Sunday is gone..definitely Monday blues  😛

I would say that I had a hectic weekend last week!! Yes, it is true guys..let’s see what had happened in my diary..


Went to Senawang, N9 purposely to meet Proton guy to service my car..Woke up early in the morning and around 9 o’clock I fetched my friend at Presint 11 and straight away heading to Southern highway. The journey is not so smooth due to downpour. Yes, It was terrible guys. The heavy rain made me difficult to see the road. OMG, i was afraid at that time but luckily i’m not panic. I manage to drive and arrived safely at our destination. Thanks God. By the way we saw two accidents on the way to Senawang. Menakutkan! Then, we made our first move to Proton Edar. Unfortunately, it was closed. The guard said that today is bithday of Yang Di pertuan N9..banyak kedai cuti..Huhhh, sangat geram but it was my mistake. Sapa suruh tak call dulu before datang??? Huhu..what to do now? Dah datang jauh-jauh tak kan nak balik camtu je? Wasting time & fuel..after look around all shop and store at Senawang town, crazy idea is coming~ We decided to enter Eva reflexsology center (my favorate place during my stay in Senawang for 1 year plus)..Yeahh, one hour body massage really made me feel good…RM 38 only for aromateraphy massage..sangat murah kan?? You wont find any place offer da price like this ok, especially in  kL..thats the thing I like about Senawang..tension about car service automatically gone..tak cukup dengan tu, we went to Hair beauty saloon..trim and wash our hair..Yippie..I love to pamper myself with all these things 😀

Around 4, we left Senawang and ready for next destination which is “Jalan Cheras” coz we need to find out something there..using MRR2 is my favourate but, Huhh…sangat teruk jem kat sini..every car move slowly and I feel so tired driving like this..and guess what?? we missed out “jalan cheras” juntion of the left side..OH, TIDAK!!! sesat lagi..cannot u-turn and we decided to go to Keju’s house at Kota Damansara..later on can go back to putrajaya using NKVE highway…After having chit chat and perform maghrib prayer at Keju’s house, we went back home.  Both of us definitely tired, but I need to buy something for my team building activity on Monday. So, we just had a short trip of shopping at Alamanda and around 10.30 we out from there..


Today need to go to Keju’s house again as she invited me to have a lunch there. So, need to wake up early again. Huhu..really tired but I must go there. Kalo tidak, kecik hati plak dia nanti..Lagipun I miss to eat keju’s cook. Dulu mase kerja kat Damansara, almost everyday makan masakan dia..sedap, she’s really good in cooking. Oh Btw, her menu for today is “Nasi Dagang”.  For those who not familiar with this rice, please go to Terengganu..it is very popular among Trg folk 😉  Around 11, I drive my car towards Damansara. This time we purposely use MRR2 coz we need to go to Selayang to find out friend’s house. As usual, jalan jam lagi..huhu..dalam kul 12.30 tengah hari, baru la sampai ke Kota Damansara…apa lagi, lunch dulu~~~ Nasi dagang yg keju masak memang sedap..nyummyy~~ after makan-makan and girls talk, kitorg pun bertolak pulang…but, belum balik rumah lagi..nak kena pergi bangi plak…amik “baju raya” yang tempah kat kedai kak Puteri..Huhhh, sangat penat~~~ rase cam pusing satu KL je..huhu..before balik rumah, kitorg terus dinner kat bangi and around 8.30 PM, baru le sampai umah…thanks God, finally I could breath and could sit at my own place…my sweet bed room 😀

*** I’ve enjoyed my weekend but I’ve spent a lot of money too..now, sudah pokai..guess what, I top up car petrol, RM 90 on Saturday afternoon, but Sunday night, fuel just left for another 70 km lagi…cukup utk pergi balik kerja sehari saje..huhu..teruknyer~~

and here some photos yg sempat di snap…


and this one a picture of me at keju’s house..purposely pakai tudung ala-ala datuk CT utk amik gambar, tapi tak menjadi..hahah


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