Lunch at Tony Roma’s

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Personal
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I went to Tony Roma’s at Sunway Pyramid for the first time. Having lunch with my old friend, Chalie. Haven’t seen him for ages and this time it’s my treat! Last time, we had a good lunch at one of Arabic restaurant at KLCC..couldn’t remember the name since it was April 2007 but food quite delicious..thanks Chalie for the treat! 🙂 Oh, by the way, Chalie is friend of mine from UTP. He was a good friend and computer expertise. Ask him about computer, sure he will answer the best..But currently, he is working as Marketing Executive at Petronas KLCC…left all IT works 😛

During lunch, we have spent time to talk about our personal life as well as working life. Laughing?? Yes, of course Itu perkara wajib..haha! Anyway, It was interesting to hear Chalie’s story especially about his girlfriend and working life. He mentioned about three things you need to learn as an executive of Petronas MLNG. Golfing, karaoke and smoking! Semuanya perlu untuk entertainkan client..Woww..sungguh korporat sekali dunia anda sekarang yek en chalie 😛

Ok, now lets back to Tony Roma’s story. I heard that, this restaurant is famous with beef ribs. So, I won’t miss the chance to try it out..I’ve ordered bountiful Beef Ribs. Priced at RM 48.90 for a Roma Rack and ice lemon tea for drink. .and guys, guess was so yummy! For those who love beef, i suggest you to go there. Try rasa sendiri..And Chalie’s food also delicious, but I forgot what’s the name. But as usual, it hard for me to finish all the food..banyak sangat la! me only got small tummy, cannot finish at all.. So Chalie yang abiskan 😛


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