Being a lone ranger…

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Personal
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Dear diary,

I know I’ve posted something in my blog today. But currently, I couldn’t stop my fingers from touch the keyboard and click on write new post. Hurmm, there’s nothing I can do right now except facing this monitor. Yes, it’s kinda bored but at least it won’t leave me alone..always there in front of me, staring my loser face and hearing my babbling..

My lovely diary again,

Have I told you that I’m being a lone ranger nowadays? Yes, it so true.. Before this, I heard a lot about people who acted as a lone ranger and I think it’s so hard to be that person..walk alone, eat alone, shopping alone & everything is alone..Hmm, sounds weird eh? Now, when I become a part of that, I realize there’s hidden beuty inside that..But again, as a human we always need a friend to rely on, need a shoulder to cry on and we need someone to talk to..Yes, I won’t deny that..sometimes it hurts me so much to carry on this title..huhu 😦

Dear God Almighty,
No matter what happens, life must go on..I know you always be there for me..So God, Please give me strength to keep on holding..Please keep me safe and warm so that I can carry on the journey in your greatest creation…Amen


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