I hate making decision…

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Babbling, Personal
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Dear diary,

Have I told you that I hate making decision? Yes, and now I have to face it again. I don’t know why me? being the one who need to choose between two things. I feel so bad right now. During 9 months working here, this is the second time I have been asked by Manager either interested or not to change the team since it has internal vacancy. Last May, I’ve officially change from development MIB team to SST testing team which is good for me because I can get rid all the coding stuff. Well, I’m so tired to crack my head to investigate the problem and fix bugs. You may say I’m not strong enough to face the IT challenge but I don’t care it anymore. Whatever~~ The only thing I could say right now, I’m getting tired with all of this!

Now, let’s back to the current situation. I talked to my manager just now, we’re having informal phone conversation, speaking about the problem. Anyway it’s not the problem, it just I’ve given a choice to join another team..yes, choice which I never know which one is the best for me…

“I’m sorry for you. I know it’s a hard decision, even me feeling bad right now. Our team still need you, but XXXXX team need you badly..By the way, you’re lucky because you have given a choice..not everyone has a choice included me. Looks like there’s something special inside you that make them to choose you..” Said ‘A’..

I was like…“Hurm..Ok, but I’m afraid to join them since I always heard most engineers under XXXXX are burden with a lot of feature works with tight dateline…”

“Don’t worry, I will talk to ‘M’ accordingly. I don’t want you have been force to join the team and feel uncomfortable..We meet next Monday ok. Will speak to ‘M’ to have a meeting with three of us..”

Conversation ended.

O God, please give me strength..please guide and lead me to do the correct decision for the best of my life…

  1. nora says:

    Yanie..it’s pity for u..I just put my legs on ur shoes..hihi.klu cmtu pun nora tersepit..di tgh2..btw…betul ur manager ckp tu..look like sumthing special inside u dat u doesnt know kot..sometimes we cant judge ourself rite..ppl around n working with u je can see u..btw…take it as challenge in ur life..nmpknye kite berdua alami mslh yg same cume lain situasi…

    be strong..n if dah bosan n tak tahan..get another job la..One more thing i would remind u…do sumthin dat make u feel hepi, enjoy n comfortable..

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