MIFC: Jom tengok Fireworks

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Personal
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Huh, so tired rite now, but I manage to upload some photos on mifc event which is fireworks performance from Canada team. Yeah..Finally I could make it! although umah dah dekat ngan picc, tapi hari ketiga baru sempat saya ke sana..bukan apa, malas nak bersesak-sesak dgn org ramai..yea, so many people there..I dunno from where, but Putrajaya looks so meriah and surprisely I met a group of my Thailand friends there (Norah and da geng)..Wahh, are they currently working in KLCC?? (As usual question without answer) and oh, I saw Tommy, Jade, Ronie & others 😉

Hmm, for 30 minutes orang sanggup menyusahkan diri..nak parking punyer la susah, masa nak balik lagi la terrible..kena cilok sana sini..However, Alhamdulilah I arrived home safely 🙂

Anyway, quality of picture is not so good coz I only use my K800i SE…wait lah until saya beli camera yg best..ahaks~

  1. Shahir Emi says:

    team canada… theme : Rock n Roll.. huwaaa.. tak dapat pi.. must be good, right?.. must be better than team china.. team spain.. I’m COMING!!…

  2. Hi Shahir,
    u will going for Spain team?? Yeahh..let’s meriahkan putrajaya yg always sunyi..hm, i guees weekend lg ramai org nih..

  3. shahiremi says:

    going there.. have to be there.. it’s like a calling for me.. and.. the name is.. emi…

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