27th August 2008

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Personal
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Hmm..I so lazy to type but still wanted to upload some picture of today’s event. A post wouldn’t be completed if picture without words or story without photo..should have both, right?? In conjunction with our coming National Day, ‘Merdeka BBQ Dinner’ has been held at Motorola basement car park. Although the venue sounds not so comfortable, but we really enjoy the meal. At least we’ve supported our government campaign to reduce expenses as well as aligned to our corporate goal (reduction cost project). And of course it very meaningful celebration as we will also have presence of our big bosses from US who will be here for a business trip. Anyway, Thanks to Haidar as the below photo was taken by him. Kak Waiza, me, Munira and Nurul busy with eating and chatting 😛 ..heheh

Oh, I almost forgot. I had lunch with Almuataz, my Sudanese friend at Secret Recipe (Food Court Dataran Putrajaya). Btw, his treat..Haihh, suppose I should buy him a lunch but as usual, i won’t be able to say NO to Almuataz. He was my good friend during my study life in UTP, coming here from Sudan to attend the HSE Training. Well, the last time we met each other was June 2006, and today in August 2008 he’s still the same Almuataz and he said me too, the same yanie! Haha..not bad, meaning dat awek muda..ahaks~ Surprisingly I could meet him here. After graduated, he was back to his country to be a Drilling Engineer of PETRONAS and I thought we couldn’t meet again. But who knows, God always knows the best 🙂


Happy 51th Merdeka Malaysia! Semoga negaraku aman sentosa & bebas dari cengkaman penjajah..Amin


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