I’m back

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Babbling
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Hello…I’m back! Hmm, 27th August is my last post, meaning that It’s been two weeks I’m not updating anything here..nothing much I could say, i’ve been busy like a bee for few weeks..Thanks to my workload 😦

Actually I don’t know what are the things to be updated here but, again I couldn’t stop my finger to click on new post and start babbling..No mood at all to work and I just thinking..”Besnye kalo dapat tido cam semalam..Haihh, lambat lagi ke nak petang ni??? “..Yes, It’s another Monday guys and dats Monday sindrome too! Haha 😛

My body clock

[0900] – Just arrived..Feel sleepy but still can go through my inbox & surfing

[1000] – Still sleepy but go through my calendar..is got any meeting today? I hate meeting ok? *Sigh~

[1100] – Start working like no more tomorrow (Tipu je tuh) 😛

[1300] – Happy time (Lunch + chit chat with frens)

[1400] – Sleepy again! Working without passion

[1500] – Continue working & feel stress

[1600] – Sometimes feels a bit sad when mind started to think about personal problem..working mood at red level =(

[1700] – Happy again!  another one hour! Yippie~

[1800] – Yeahhh..balik time!! pack all the stuff and out from office *WinkWink~

Dat’s unpredictable of me 🙂


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