Life is messy

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Babbling

Gosh, I dunno whats going on in my life nowadays..i feel that everything is messy..sumthing wrong here, something wrong there..and semua bende tak kena!! Seolah-olah hilang punca..And the worst is I couldn’t think wisely..I admit that my life is too bad right now..Sungguh teruk! If you guys say,  I don’t know how to manage my own life, yes I won’t deny it for the time being! I hate my current more job satisfaction at all! Feel demotivate almost for every hours..STRESS like a $&qw+?~!^ !! am thinking to look for another job.. But once got interview invitations, aku gi reject! (Tak tahu lah pasal apa) Like what I did just now, i’ve cancelled an interview with **** company at Damansara which is I feel excited to apply at the first time..Tidak bersyukurkah aku padanya??? And Oh Wait..still not enuf, the list goes on..another stress is coming from “xxx” (belum tiba masenye utk aku reveal)..hari-hari miserable hidup aku bila pikir pasal ni..tiap kali aku dengar lagu “cinta ini membunuhku”, makin  teruk sedihnya..hasilnya, i will say NO to makan, NO to aktiviti sosial & NO to hobbies & favorate..Balik keje, terperap dalam bilik! Until tomorrow morning baru bukak pintu..and every nite, mimpi ngeri selalu muncul dlm tidur aku..Eeee, seram  dibuatnye..huhu..serioulsy,  I’m so sick of all of this!!


What should I do???..(Oh, tidak sesekali aku ingin menceritakan semua ini tapi inilah realitinya…)*Sob*Sob


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