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Posted: November 10, 2008 in Personal
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10 November 2008..

Who knows, the town hall by Brian today is changing everything..No more Motorola Cyberjaya after this!! *Sob..sob 😦

There’s nothing I could say rite now..the fact is, I’m so sad this happen to us..Although I keep mumbling about Motorola..why like this, why like that..deep inside my heart, I love working at Motorola (please excuse the workload ok?)..Frankly speaking, working environment & culture is the best ever so far..Wearing jeans to office, flexible hours (sometimes at 9 am, still at bedroom..ahaks!), working from home program (laying on the bed with pyjama is well known scenario..lalalala~~), flirting around using Motorola Instant Messenger, yoga classes,  playing fussball, gedix moment at gym, privacy cubical (Nak bukak facebook ke or ape2 site yg lagho pun tader hal sb org takkan nampak), having chit chat at pantry with milo & biscuits suatu kemestian, friendly & cool colleagues and managers, freedom & etc (so many things to tell you but no point oredi..huhu)..and Oh, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna miss all of this.. 😦

Hardly can’t believed that..

After this, my email will change to, erksss??? Then have to say Goodbye to casual attire (Huhh, shopping definitely must be main agenda..pokai la aku nanti nak kena beli formal attire), new place, new people, new challenge & the most important is..we don’t know what will happen to us in future??? We’ll still be servicing Mot as a client for the same CDMA stuff. But in the long run, who knows..Adehh, macam kena jual plak rasenye..huhu 😦

Motorola and Satyam Sign Strategic Transaction in Malaysia

Satyam to absorb Motorola’s Malaysia Software Development Center
Move will increase synergies and competitiveness for both companies

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – November 10, 2008 – Motorola and Satyam, a leading global consulting and information technology services provider, announced today that Satyam has acquired 128 employees of Motorola. This acquisition will create synergies and boost their competitiveness in Malaysia and throughout Asia-Pacific region. Motorola will divest from its software development center (SDC) in Cyberjaya. All 128 employees – along with the unit’s assets – will shift to Satyam.


Should I consider “Desperately looking for a new job” is under my priority task??

  1. lisa says:

    oh my, tak sangke satyam pg acquire motorola cyber.aih ingat satyam ni takde duit.akak, bace lelok dulu contract satyam nak bagi. n yg penting if confirm ade project, akak go on la ngan, make sure tak bonded tau.sbb bond satyam ni lame, 18 bulan gitu.seksa nak tunggu(if takde project la).
    then, tgk rules/claim/remuneration smue adekah die follow previous yg motorola punye or korg kene ikut satyam kalo later satyam ikut motorola best jugak kat ktorg hehe.mcm satyam so far bukan panel kpd mane2 nak buat personal loan ke ape smue yg mensyaratkan syarikat adelah panel kpd bank dan jugak nak ade potongan gaji from employer mmg agak susah la.itu je pendapat, akak pk yg terbaik k.

    privacy cubical (Nak bukak facebook ke or ape2 site yg lagho pun tader hal sb org takkan nampak)<-akak, yg ni mmg strictly prohibited.YM,facebook, FS, certain blog widget smue blocked.certain chatbox pun blocked.

    anyway, nak tanye ni.akak batch 9899 ek?ingatkan 0102.hehe.

  2. !zyan says:

    haa lisa nih!!
    kak yanie ni my KETUA KAMAR tau dulu b4 i move to C1-1 =)

  3. Izyan, akak dah almost forgot yg pernah jd ketua kamar kat skolah dulu..dorm leader yg tak bape nak leader..hihi..

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