Return from Venus

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Personal

Gosh.. It’s been an age am not updating new story..In fact, 2008 curtain fell down for almost one month..if this blog is like lalang, for sure dah panjang ke lutut..ahakss~! Well, nothing much to say rite now..I’m so lazy to think back what had happend to and downs as usual..biarlah, life still go on rite? What ever it is, I just pray for the best in future 🙂

It’s already 12.38 am, but my eyes still strong facing this monitor..haih, ape tidaknya, kan tadi dah tido..heheh..dunno why I feel so tired today..went back from office at 6 something..after put my bag on the table, terus je lying on the bed and started to dream…hahah

I woke up at 10 pm with hunger like a wolf..empty stomach lagi hari ni..huhu..memang tak pernah serik lah aku ni..advice doctor jangan diikut..yesterday, MC sebab gastric..hmm, lama dah aku tak kena penyakit nih..pedih giler perut smalam..lucklily after makan ubat, sakit beransur-ansur hilang…Alhamdulilah

Haa, this one I’m so excited to share..Tell u what..I’m looking forward for Chinese New Year holidays..Yeah, will going back to Terengganu this Sunday morning..gonna have one week break from work..bahagia nya kalo dapat lari dari kesibukan kerja kan?..and Oh, saya amat tertekan dengan situasi kerja sekarang..bukan pasal workload but this is more than that..Huhh, one and da only new employer..hye, we’re all over the news..malas la nak citer…google la sendiri yek…

Before I ended up this return from venus entry (hikss, bunyi je gempaq tajuknye..but got something  hidden ok ), let me highlight some important date here  😉

20 Dec – Went to Sungai Petani for wawa’s wedding with Ana..stayed at Park Avenue hotel and go jalan-jalan at Kuala perlis and Padang Besar. .Safe journey & really have a blast days overthere..

22 Dec – Turned 26..not so old kan?? Agh, age is just a number..belum 30 lagi pun..  😛 and the most important is, my best fren is back to me wishing a happy befday..God, I’m so happy 🙂

31 Dec – Had a BBQ nite with some colleague at SK..first time in my life, out from room on new year eve..tuh pun puas kena pujuk oleh kengkawan suh join bad~

4 Jan – My best buddies came to my house at Putrajaya with a surprise birhday cake to celebrate my befday..Oh, sangat terharu ok especially bile korang nyanyikan lagu hari lahir utk aku..sayang korang berdua! Muahhhss~

15 Jan – Happy birthday to my first niece, Nur Cizilia Hanis..dah besar dah kakak skang yek..dah darjah 5 dah this year..cepatnya masa berlalu, rasenye masih fresh lagi hari di mana kakak dilahirkan..rupenya dah 7 tahun dah..Alang doakan moga kakak jadi anak yg solehah & berjaya di dunia dan akhirat..Amin..

18 Jan – After 5 months, I see him again..Opss, jangan salah paham yek..he was my best friend..what a crazy day for us! Hahah..lepaking at Putrajaya bridge..makan2 at Sushi King, ronda2 sambil racing car & having a chit chat at Memori happy~

There’s a lot actually, but dah ngantuk plak nak story mory..looks like I have to say a goodnite to you my diary..tomorrow morning still have another training…*Sigh~!! Training and training until end of this month…Huhh penat nya~


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