Trip to Malacca

Posted: March 30, 2009 in Babbling, Trip

I’m not in the mood of writing, but still wanna update my blog..Today, let pictures do the talking *wheee~


Oh, suddenly rase nak bercerita le plak..heheh..well, all these pics taken on last Saturday at Malacca city..went there for friend’s wedding but as asual, we decided to go for “jalan-jalan” session..Anyway, a big congrats to Rinie & Fizan for their wedding..wish you guys is the one in the “happily ever after” story..


haih, another fren of mine who tied the knot..some asking “hye, when is your turn?” Arghh! *peer pressure again* :p

Peeps, malas dah nak bercerita..tengok gambar jek la yek..heheh~


** Tomorrow is my last working day here..Oh, mixed feeling of course..happy to face new challenge but at d same time, feel a bit sad..i love working at cyberjaya..*sob*sob~

  1. ummiwafa says:

    wah sonoknyer jalan2 kat melaka… cam zaman2 blaja dulu gitew…
    salam kat ayu. blog dia ada x?

  2. nasrun says:

    Hi there..kalu la de tertgk komen ne please leave a msg at my email ek.(owner blog nie):-)
    got a few question to ask..


  3. Ummiwafa: Iyer..mmg sonok..sambil gi kenduri, sambil jejalan..hehe..ayue x sure lak ade blog ke tak..

    Nasrun: hye there…check your inbox, I already email to you 🙂

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