ISO 8583

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Personal
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sape tahu consultant/training provider yg conduct training ISO 8583 di Malaysia?? Puas duk googling tapi tak jumpa yg relevant pun..adeh~ huhu..neway pada sape2 yg first time dengar, ISO 8583 tuh Standard for Financial Transaction Card Originated Messages atau dlm bahasa mudahnya ianya adalah satu message format and communication flow untuk exchange electronic transactions between different system..byk guna kat banking service and card payment..

So, sape2 yg terbace and ade idea camne nak carik training provider utk course ni sile bagitau saya okey..(w’pun harapan tipis untuk mendapat feedback kat sini, tp aku post kan jugak…at least ade la effort skit..hihi)

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