Posted: September 19, 2010 in Babbling
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Seriously I’m craving for Lemang, chicken curry & Rendang 😦

During last Raya at kampung, I just taste few pieces of Lemang with chicken curry made by my mum..It was superb and now I feel so guilty to the max not  “menketedarah” all those foods!  sob sob..

I don’t know why this year not getting any Open House Raya invitation just like previous years..Is that means I have been forgotten? huwaaa~

Oh I need to think positive way..maybe people stop to “open” their house for Raya due to budget constraint..

argh..wateva it is..i don’t care..right now I just want to eat lemang & rendang..nampak gayanya sampai abes Syawal la mengidam aku nih..


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