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Posted: January 25, 2011 in Travelling
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Hello beautiful readers!

It’s been a while since I spoke here..being busy is a must but I guess laziness is the main factor to stop me from babbling.. Em  nothing much to say, just wanna share my first business trip experience last month..It was an awesome and exhausted trip. Honestly, I have never been abroad before. So, China is my first destination and this is first time I’m travelling alone. Kinda nervous but excited! Who doesn’t right?? 😛

So, on the departure day, I took taxi from my house to KLIA about 5.30AM and the flight take off at 9.35 morning. The journey from KLIA to Guangzhou is about 4 hours. While waiting for the flight, I was looking around, tried to see if there’s any lone ranger like me, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Most of the passengers are in group and tell you what, there’s no Malay in this trip! I was the only one and people keep looking at me. Might be strange for them to see one little girl wearing scarf and about to off to China. The funny thing here, one stewardess asking me this question..

“Study kat China yek??” I say NO

“Oo..kalo camtu, datang melawat eh?” I say No, I come here for business trip..

“Oh okay..”

Then she just smiles..

About 2 PM, I arrived at Baiyun airport. I was looking around and everything is different. At this moment, the nervous feeling turns to be scared feeling! Gosh, I’m alone in a foreign country now and the worse is people here speak Mandarin. They don’t speak English. Since nobody is picking me up from the airport, I have to find a taxi. I tell myself, be brave!  After got my luggage, I walked into the Information Counter.

“Ni hao, do you speak English?” asked me..

“Ni hao, how can I help you?” (Please read in Chinese accent)

“Could you please tell me how to get a taxi from here? “

“Err..I don’t really know how to speak English..but Taxi? go this way and turn right..”

“Sie- sie”

There goes my first conversation.  Without further any delay, I walking into taxi pick-up area and approached one taxi driver.

“Ni hao, do you speak English? I want to go to Landmark Hotel”

“English?? Er, wopucitau..” That uncle just smiling..*garu kepala*

And there goes my second conversation. Haish, very difficult to communicate here. Luckily I printed the hotel address (My colleague had advise me to print all the address in Chinese so that I just can show it to taxi driver)..

“Oo..wo citau..” That’ s what the taxi driver said after I gave him the address.. 😛

The journey from Baiyun airport to Landmark hotel took about half and hour. Not that far but then, 30 minutes just like 1 hour for me. OMG, tell you what, the taxi drivers here are so aggressive. I wonder how they drive the car. It was like riding a roller coaster..Thanks God I arrived hotel safely.  Previously I thought Malaysian taxi drivers are  rude but at this point, I should throw them a compliment..hehe~

Speaking about hotel,  yes I love it..


Yes, it was winter but at that time the temperature still OK, not so cold and not that hot. The daily is about 16-23 degrees and night about 6-10 degrees. But of course you still need to wear winter cloth jacket.

and talking about foods??

Oh’s crap! I mean it so difficult for Muslim to find halal foods. Everywhere they serve pork. I know China is the most Muslim population in the world but not this area. I had my first dinner at Pizza Hut restaurant but I don’t really enjoy the foods after I noticed that there was pizza with pork flavor in their menu..Damn 😛

Second day, I went to client office. Here, the challenge is begin. It’s time for reports deployment.  Ugh, I don’t want to talk much about work here. ..working with China people was not easy.  They simply change requirement anytime they want. . They don’t care about earlier requirement and UAT Sign off. Once they said “B”, they want “B” and once they requested, we have to get it done. What can I say here “Kerja bagai nak giler”..hahaha..I worked on Saturday and there was one day we stayed back until 2 AM in order to solve the issues. Crazy bukan? That’s why my colleague said to me “Welcome to China!!” But after all, I was grateful that I able to complete the task and solved the ad hoc issue..From what I heard, the customer are satisfied with our support during site commissioning 🙂

With extra workload & challenge that I faced, I didn’t notice how fast time flies. .sekejap je 10 hari berlalu. This picture is taken on our last day in client office..see my happy face, tak sabar nak balik Malaysia..Hee 😀

I’m off now. The rest I will let pictures do the talking =D

  1. ziraziz says:

    besnye yanie dpt g jln2 kt china…
    tp mst lg bes kalo dpt g korea kn hehehe….

  2. hehe..tuh la..teringin sgt nak pi korea & japan..bila ntah ade chance lagi.. 🙂

  3. wah, sampai ke china dah.. selama bekerja ni, tak pernah lagi emy dapat gi oversea.. kalau masa muda2 dulu, nak jugak merasa.. tapi, sekarang, tak nak kot sebab sayang nak tinggal baby.. hehe.. mau fikir lapan puluh kali.. haha

    • hehe..kalo single best kot travelling..tapi kalo dah berfamili maybe payah sikit kot..tambah2 anak masih kecik..takpe emi leh pi vacation ngan famili..lagi sonok..kalo business trip, 9/10 utk keje..1 percent je leh jalan2..

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