Ok, I’m smiling

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Babbling

I’m so tired 😦

Lately I’ve been working like crazy..looks like it’s gonna be tough! yeah, I don’t understand their language, I don’t understand their requirements (the docs provided by them are sucks), I need to crack my head to program the code, I need to figure out the most effective way to represent the data & I have to think the impact  for future maintenance as well and the list goes on..all need to be done perfectly within timeline (which is sometimes really ridiculous schedule) nah, who dare to say being “Technical Consultant” is an easy job?? Tell me dude, it wasn’t easy at all!

This time really bad you know. It’s killing me 10 times..

But again, I need to look on the bright side. Everything happens for a reason (:) Yes, I’m smiling now)..I guess I shouldn’t be stress too much. The more you stress, the more you feel tired. That’s why chocolate almost overloaded in my tummy now..haha~! Thanks to our colleague from US who courier all the lovely goodies with flowers as a sweet thanks for the project accomplishment…


Ok peeps, I’m off now…



  1. zira says:

    keep smiling fren 😉 …

  2. yeah..senyum seindah suria 🙂

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