Budget trip to Korea – Day 1

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Babbling, Friends, Fun, Travelling, Trip
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It’s been about 3 weeks since my trip to South Korea but the feeling of excitement and pleasure are still fresh..the weather, environment, people, language & places..ah frankly speaking I miss everything about Korea!

Oppa, saranghae!!!”

“Chincha? Otoke..”

Eh tetiba pulak..haha..sorry for the gediks there..please give me a second to memorize all this sweet thing.. 😛  Well, if any readers plan to visit this country, you are lucky enough then..today I will share our budget trip to Korea for 7 days and 6 nights..believe me, the cost is less than RM2,000..are you ready? 😉

Ok..Let’s start with the airplane ticket…

Everyone knows about Airasia awesome sale..so just grab this chance to get a cheap ticket. So, here we go our ticket price!  Anyway you can get cheaper than this if you are lucky..

After 6 hours journey, we arrived Inch-eon airport about 6.30 am local time (Finally huh). See my face below?? Muka lapar with tudung senget-benget..haha..what I want at this time only food & drink..LOL..so, we went to Dunkin Donut for breakfast before start the journey to Seoul..

MRT or Subway or whatever they called it is very convenience to use. So, we took AREX from Incheon airport to Seoul   downtown. Basically there are two type of lines, commuter line takes about 53 minutes and express line takes about 43 minutes. The time difference is only 10 minutes. It’s up to you to choose but I would advise to take commuter line, much more cheaper..remember the budget constraint and we have plenty of time before the check in 🙂


We stop at Hongik University since our guesthouse is located in Hongdae. This area  known to be its indie spirit lives with urban street arts and underground band musicians. I heard yong hwa (CN Blue) used to perform here before he started his career.  Please google if you want to know more about it, I mean hongdae area ok.. From the station to the guesthouse, we need to walk about 10 minutes. It’s not that far but with my not-so-light luggage plus tired  it was a troublesome..huhu..Luckily we were not sesat getting there. Looks like the map direction that we found in internet quite useful..pheww..so, this is our first guesthouse in Seoul..very nice & cosy. 🙂

Day 1: 3rd Pencil Guesthouse ( www.hostelhongdae.com)
Room Type : Private room (4 Persons)
Rate: KRW100,000


The owner is so friendly and they have two malaysian students as a part time worker. I still remember the first conversation with them after I ring the door bell. I heard a voice from the room.

“Booking atas nama siapa ye? “

I was like..”Eh, betul ke apa yang aku dengar ni?? Dia cakap melayu ke aku yang silap dengar? “

Rupanya mamat ni orang Malaysia..so apa lagi, sembang secara bahasa melayu lah..hee~

Ok, enough babbling about that guy. While waiting for 2.00 pm, we decided to explore the Hongdae area. With one map provided by the guesthouse owner, we just walked along the mapo-gu street. Oh, sangat best sebab penuh dengan kedai baju, kedai makan, kedai kosmetik & banyak lagi..(all about fashion..whee..rambang mata ok) and siap ada live street performance lagi..haa korang tahu cite The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince? The coffee shop is located here and sempat jugak kitorg visit 3D eyes museum sekali..if you wanna see more you can browse my previous post. I’ve uploaded some pictures about this museum. After few hours lepaking, we felt so tired and hungry. Our lunch was simple and easy. My friend bawak  Rendang/serunding..mama dia masak khas dari Padang, Indonesia..So we just bought instant steam rice at family mart and back to the hostel. 2 minit je masak nasi ni dalam microwave and then ready to serve..sangat mudah bukan? Yang penting sedap & halal..kan?? 😉 Hari pertama kat sana tak jln byk sgt..just explore area Hongdae je..sebab nya? sangat penat & esok nya will be a challenging day for us..wee are going to Busan!!  yeahhh~ so day 2 tunggu next post je lah ye..malas dah nak continue sini.. 😛

  1. nYomeL says:

    Yezza! Dah lama aku tunggu entry ni tau!
    Ishkk.. buat sambungan la pulak.
    Haihhh.. *buat muka kesian tunggu sambungan*

    • Hehe..nanti aku sambung eh..lately aku busy like a bee..nih tgh prepare utk training pg esok..ha ni mesti sb ko nk plan utk ke sana kan? 😉 *muka penat*

      • nYomeL says:

        All the best for your training!

      • Thanks darling~ Hee..baru je abes training..Alhamdulilah this time lg bagus dari first time..u know lah, i’m not good in public speaking..mlm ni free je kot, kalo rajin aku post day 2..haa nih bila nk mai amik sobenier dari aku?? berzaman dah ni 😛

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