Hello my reader =)

Have a great day! Seems like I’m so free to update my not-so-famous-blog. I was away from office since an uninvited visitor came to me. Yes, I was sick for 3 days because of this influenza virus. It started with running nose on my last day in Bangkok and the night flight back to KL was terrible. Pressure terlalu tinggi sampai telinga rasa macam nak pecah . Then the next day which is the day I suppose back to work I officially sick. Time for MC right? 😛

OK enough about sick. Now I’m so excited to share my first experience riding an elephant!! Tadaaaa look at our faces. Happy mak mak 🙂


Above picture taken in Nong Nooch Village, Pattaya. We paid THB 400 per person for this riding and I tell you what, it was awesome! Definitely an unforgettable experience. Some fact about elephants. They can live to be over 70 years and our elephant is about 40 years old (Right side). Wow quiet old actually. Huhu. Thinking of how they trained the elephant made me heartbreaking 😦 I just read somewhere about a long-time tradition in the Thai culture. The Phajaan or crush, is the training method elephants undergo to become a part of the tourism industry. As young elephants, they are torn from their mothers and entrapped in a small confine, then ritualistically abused with bullhooks and bamboo sticks spiked with nails, as well as starved, deprived of sleep and worse, to crush their spirits and become submissive to humans. Oh man, this is horrible 😦

Anyway for those who love travelling, come and visit Nong Nooch Garden, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. More shows such as Thai cultural & dance show, the amazing elephant show, sports car collection and botanical gardens are waiting for you here.

Click on their official website http://www.nongnoochgarden.com/ for more details.

  1. zira aziz says:

    xpnh lg dok ats gajah..seram rs..hehe

    kesian kat gajah tu kn..sampai mcm tu skali..ish..ish..ish…

    • hehe..seram jugak zira..ada sekali tuh tengah2 gerak suddenly gajah stop takmo jalan..tak sure penat ke apa tapi dalam 5 minit jugak la ia diam..tuan gajah bagi arahan marah2 pun ia tak dengar..huwaa cuak gile kitrg atas tu zira sb gajah tu cam gerak2 kiri ke kanan tanda protes!! Tengah ketakutan sempat kitrg baca ayat kursi..maybe berkat ayat kursi gajah tu pun sambung jalan balik..Alhamdulillah.. 🙂 Yang part diorg train gajah tu mmg kesian..huhu

  2. Shahir Emi says:

    huhuu… dah jauh berjalan dier… nice!…

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