Silent Reader

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Babbling, Life, People, Personal
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Every time I check the site stats, the visitor numbers are above my threshold. That’s good enough for me but I wonder who are they? I mean I did not publicize my posts. I know my blog is nothing, dull and boring. You tell me. 😉

Well It just my babbling when I felt down or maybe some experience that I would like to share with people outside there. But hye, whoever read this whether you’re a silent reader or stalker, I appreciate it very much! Thanks for dropping by my page.

May Allah bless you 🙂

  1. fadhadriana says:

    maaf tnye, kenape post ni link to my post ye??my blog is not private but i block search org2 tertentu saje yg bole bace..

    • oh..yg display kt related articles tu recommended links from zemanta..takpe, sy dh remove dah..if tanak ada link zemanta, maybe awak boleh check Additional Post Content setting kot..

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