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Hi all,
This time, I would like to share with all of you about this email. Forwarded to me from my friend who work at PETRONAS KLCC. Basically it was written by Datuk Dr Rosti Sarowono (Vice President of PETRONAS Education) or I personally knew him as ex-Rector of University Technology PETRONAS. I guess, most of us already knew about the forwarded email that I will mention, which is to boycott PETRONAS station as a protest of petrol price hike up to 70 cent. I believed those who read that email was misunderstood and keep supporting the boycott of our ‘Bumiputera’ product. Frankly speaking, I strongly disagree!! I won’t defend any party, and not because I was UTP student previously, but it just because of ‘Semangat Bumiputera’. I try not to be patriotic but I suppose to. That was so sad when I keep thinking of our Malaysia situation nowadays and what will happening in future. Hmm..hope God bless us. Ameen.

From: Rosti B Saruwono – Datuk Dr (VP_Edu/PETH)
Sent: Thursday, 12 June, 2008 15:40
To: hasan syed; Dr Mariyamni Bt Awang (ACADEMIC/UTP)
Cc: Johari Haji Surin; Ainan Marzuki Abdul Malek; Ambok Chening Meri; Dato’ Dr Sheikh Omar; Dr Amir Farid Isahak; Dr Hashim Mohd Tahir; Dr Hussin Z. A.; Dr Mohd Mahir; Fadzlullah Yahya; Ir Azman Omar; Masari Alision
Subject: RE: The Hardest Thing To Say To Someone

Do what you like.

The price of gasoline at the petrol station is set by the Government, not PETRONAS.

PETRONAS has done its patriotic duty by paying the dividends, royalties, corporate tax, petroleum tax etc to the Government for YOUR benefit (rakyat lah).



Back here and back there..almost ppl nowadays talk about petrol prices hike up like crazy..Yeahh, up to RM0.70 is absolutely crazy!! and most malaysian are straight away point their finger to you think it is fair to blame PETRONAS 100%?? Read this guys, I think this article is good explaination to all Malaysian..and FYI, this reliable source is taken from PCSB KL Office..

From: Anis Hafidza Bt Makhatar (MD/PCSB)
Sent: Thursday, 12 June, 2008 5:14 PM
To: Arina Bt M Johari (TECH/MJSB); Norhaiza Bt M Yusof (MSL/MJSB); Norazlen Bt A Rahman (MSL/MJSB); Elis Diana Bt Ghazalli (FA/MJSB); Noryantee Bt M Rani (MKTG/MJSB); Shaiful Azril B Zakaria (MKTG/MJSB); Aznim Nadzrah Bt M Amir (CPDD/PETH); Nurzamzaira Bt Zaib (HRM/PETH); Teh Ilani Bt Ramli (DD/PCSB); Siti Farahiyah Bt A Wahab (PMU/PETH; Fasyilla Bt Mazri (R&T/PETH);  Sh Khairani Bt Sy M Ali (MSLD/MJSB)
Cc: Ayu Afzan Makhatar; Muhammad Nawawi Mohd Ramly
Subject: This is a very good explanation to all Malaysian

Dear All,

This is lengthy but please bear with me. This is worth reading through ALSO.

We’re not actually comparing apple-to-apple here, as most countries listed have a very long reserve life (the amount of years they have till the oil is finished) and they have a low population compared to their oil reserve (hence they can cater to their own needs without any bother to the supply). Some research can do wonders instead of blaming others.

population = 4,380,000
oil reserve = 97 billion barrels
production rate = 2.5 million barrels per day
Reserve life = 107 years