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I’m done with Venice‘s pictures. Now let’s move to the next one, Paris the city of love!! Hee 😀

I was there last month for 2 days and it wasn’t enough at all. Nak pergi lagi please! (Pray hard)

To my future husband, please take note! A must go place in our honeymoon list ok?? 😛

I’m not in mood of “membebel”, let pictures do the talking yah..hehe~



Hello peeps! Greeting from Venice 😉

OK, Just kidding. I’m back in KL now. Hihi. It’s been a month since my trip to Europe. Arghh..the feeling still great! I would like to share some photos taken in Venice. Enjoy 😀


Well..this is my first post in June 2013. *clap clap clap*

Long time no blog huh..Does anyone miss me here? 😛  Okay, let’s talk about things to do in Bandung. I was in Indonesia last month for holidays and now would like to share some pictures. If you have a plan to visit Bandung, here are the must-go-places that you should put into your list 😉

1) Tangkuban Parahu, the amazing volcano in west Java. Go early morning since this place quite far from the town (About 2 hours driving). It’s beautiful. Just enjoy the view and cold weather here.

Tips: There are some people with tag will approaching you and willing to help to take pictures, give explanation and bla bla bla. Avoid them if possible. They are not helping you for free! At the end, they will ask you to buy some stuff from them and I tell you what, it’s expensive!

2) Warung Nasi Saung Pengkolan 2. You will see this restaurant on the way back from Tangkuban Parahu. Nice sunda food & the price is so cheap. Must try! And you will enjoying the view of tea garden at the back of restaurant.

3) Ciater hotspring. A good place to relax after a long journey. If you love sports and outdoor activities, maybe can try flying fox, ATV go kart, camping site, elephant riding and etc. For person like me, I just enjoying the hotspring!

Tips: An ice cream seller will approaching you once you arrived here. He will explain and show you all the places in Ciater hot spring. He did for free just at the end of tour, he will ask you whether want to buy the ice cream. No harm if you help him. Having an ice cream would be lovely too!  *Kesian pakcik tu tau 😦 *

And do not forget, try the horse riding. Only Rp 20000 for one round.


4) Pasar Baru Trade Center. A shopping heaven, wide range of products ranging from textile, garments, shoes to souvenirs, food and locally produced decor items. Beware of the pick pocket. Too many people here!

2013-05-09 16.04.44

5) Cihampelas Walk a.k.a CiWalk. I like this place! Many factory outlet along the road and you can see superheroes everywhere here. I mean this (Please refer below picture). Hiks


6) Heritage Factory Outlet (Jl.Banda), Factory Outlet (Dago), Grande Factory Outlet (Jalan Cipaganti) & Rumah Mode. Bandung is really a shopping heaven. I just can’t stop myself from shopping & shopping. Haha. Bring more money if you come here please!


Ouch, my eyes getting tired. Time to sleep peep. I’ll see yo soon here!


Hello my reader =)

Have a great day! Seems like I’m so free to update my not-so-famous-blog. I was away from office since an uninvited visitor came to me. Yes, I was sick for 3 days because of this influenza virus. It started with running nose on my last day in Bangkok and the night flight back to KL was terrible. Pressure terlalu tinggi sampai telinga rasa macam nak pecah . Then the next day which is the day I suppose back to work I officially sick. Time for MC right? 😛

OK enough about sick. Now I’m so excited to share my first experience riding an elephant!! Tadaaaa look at our faces. Happy mak mak 🙂


Above picture taken in Nong Nooch Village, Pattaya. We paid THB 400 per person for this riding and I tell you what, it was awesome! Definitely an unforgettable experience. Some fact about elephants. They can live to be over 70 years and our elephant is about 40 years old (Right side). Wow quiet old actually. Huhu. Thinking of how they trained the elephant made me heartbreaking 😦 I just read somewhere about a long-time tradition in the Thai culture. The Phajaan or crush, is the training method elephants undergo to become a part of the tourism industry. As young elephants, they are torn from their mothers and entrapped in a small confine, then ritualistically abused with bullhooks and bamboo sticks spiked with nails, as well as starved, deprived of sleep and worse, to crush their spirits and become submissive to humans. Oh man, this is horrible 😦

Anyway for those who love travelling, come and visit Nong Nooch Garden, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. More shows such as Thai cultural & dance show, the amazing elephant show, sports car collection and botanical gardens are waiting for you here.

Click on their official website for more details.


Last week masa ke Pattaya, we all sempat tengok Tiffany show, persembahan ala-ala cabaret. Haa pada yg tak tahu Tiffany show Pattaya di vote sebagai no 4 antara Top 10 best show around the world in 2001. Hebat bukan? Well personally memang menghiburkan. Beautiful costumes, toe tapping choreography & special lighting & effects. I like it!! Cuba korang tengok gambar-gambar yg kitrg sempat snap after the show, apa pendapat korang?? 😉

Yeah, they are ladyboy!!!! Speechless kejap saya tengok diorg ni. Super cantik kan?? Huhu. Betul2 100% transform. Huwaaa saya sangat cemburu melihat mereka, lagi sempurna dari wanita asli. Kulit nya mulus, putih, body tip top. Cuma satu je lah yg turn off. Sebaik saje diorg bersuara, keluarlah suara jantan..haha. Ayat yg biasa krg dengar kat sini adalah ” Mr, take photo!” ..bukan main lagi ajak lelaki je yg berfoto. .orang pompuan kat depan diorg langsung tak dilayan. lol

Nak tahu lebih details, korang boleh click kat website nya

So guys outside there, make sure be careful not to fall in love with lady boys. Simple tips here, if she’s too pretty with perfect body shape, please lah jangan jatuh cinta. Definitely she’s not a girl. lol


Legoland Malaysia is a theme park that has opened in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia on September 15, 2012 with over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. It is the first Legoland theme park in Asia upon its establishment. The official opening of Legoland Malaysia was made by Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, Sultan of Johor on September 22, 2012.[2] It is the centrepiece of a 5,500,000 sq ft (510,000 m2) integrated complex in the Nusa Cemerlang industrial park, within the Iskandar Malaysia economic region, consisting of a lifestyle retail centre, offices, hotels, service apartments and residential units. (Source: Wikipedia)

More details on Legoland, please click here 😉


Yeah finally dapat jugak kitorg ke I City Shah Alam. Dah lama kot nak pegi tapi tak terpergi. Mungkin sebab kemalasan yang asyik melanda tapi sejak dah ada kamera baru nih wah, jadi rajin pulak nak ke mana-mana. Hihi. Motif utama nya biasalah, photo hunting! *wink* Setelah sesat dalam sejam, kitorg sampai kat I-City around 3.30 PM. Geram betul jalan2 kat shah alam ni, sikit-sikit nak roundabout. Pening kejap tak tahu nak ambik jalan mana. Dah la bila sampai-sampai je kat sana kitrg macam kecewa sikit. I City tu macam biasa je kot, pastu tak ramai orang pun. Cuma ada pekerja-pekerja diorg je yg duk lepak2. Tetiba teringat kata kawan saya..”Kalo nak rasa bahang panas, pegi la tengah hari. Tapi kalo nak tengok lampu, pegi la malam..hehe”..Memang betul pun. Mak aih punya la panas suhu kat sana. Sweating gila2 kot. Sebab tu bila terpandang je snow walk, tanpa pikir panjang terus beli tiket & masuk situ. Seronok masuk situ sebab boleh rasa sendiri suhu di musim sejuk! 😉

Lepas masuk snow walk, kitrg masuk plak ke Trick Art Museum. Ha nih best nih, macam Trick Eye Museum kat Seoul yg pernah saya cerita kat sini dulu

Cukup giler tak gambar kitorg? Penuh dengan aksi. Hehe..syok sangat bergambar kat sini sampai tak sedar hari dah gelap. Keluar je dari tempat tuh dah boleh nampak cahaya yg warna-warni. Fuh amazing colors! Baru lah happening tempat ni. Beza sangat siang dan malam nya..Ok lah saya dah malas nak cerita, letak gambar pun jadi lah ye..

So kalau korang tak pernah pegi lagi ke I-City, boleh la menjejak kaki ke sana. Banyak jugak yg menarik kat sini macam kat peta di bawah ni..